What Career Traits Should An Aquarius Keep In Mind?

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If you believe astrologer Lucien Holm, The Water Bearer is not someone that finds mundane careers appealing. Aquarians have an innate need for being noticed, and they are very averse to boredom and stagnation.

Aquarians looking to utilize their innate career traits should look for professions, careers, or at least jobs that let them use their senses of idealism and planning. Being able to indulge a fascination with technology is also helpful. No one should expect an Aquarius to be content doing repetitive work or happy compiling data.

Intellectual engagement and even stimulation from both work and the work environment are helpful. Water Bearers want to be free to apply recent technology, hopefully even staying on the vanguard forefront of whatever lines of work they are in. Their thinking is often a dozen miles ahead of everyone else, so independent thought and innovation need to be respected and even encouraged. Truly content Aquarius workers might get so caught up in their work that they don’t notice broken thermostats or freezing offices.

A lot of Aquarians wind up in roles as mediators. No sign in the Zodiac is better at being the objective problem solver in a situation. They love to work endlessly for others, often going after those they consider as the bad guys and trying to set things right. A natural inclination towards doing good provides them an innate motivation to stick through things to the end and generate results. Much of their brainpower is used trying to get to the very heart of an issue, often persuading companies and individuals alike to keep their promises.

Another fascinating career that utilizes Aquarian career traits is that of a weatherperson. This sign loves using intellectual prowess, but only for the assistance of others. Predicting the weather fits the bill. Weatherpeople get to involve themselves with all sorts of interesting technology, databases, historical data, and satellite images as they do their job. Whether or not they’re accurate isn’t all that important, as they enjoy analyzing constantly changing data and then playing “god” to others through forecasts. The coldest places on the planet are often quite fascinating.

Political activism is another field that makes good use of Aquarius career traits. A Water Bearer must always have a cause of some sort. One way to get paid to create havoc and foment unrest is by being a political activist that stirs things up. They can walk picket lines and socialize through demonstrations. They can quickly fill their life with government lobbying, writing to politicians, and even circulating petitions online or in person. This field doesn’t pay well though, so income supplementation from call center shifts or even restaurant work isn’t uncommon. Still, an Aquarius finds it worth it.

Other fields that see Water Bearers do well include rocket science, conceptual artists. aid workers, engineers, astrology, environmental planning, and social work.

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