What Is The Meaning Of The Chinese Zodiac Animal Dragon Sign?

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Of every sign in the Chinese zodiac, the dragon is perhaps the most appealing. Unfortunately, only those born in 1988, 2000, and 2012 in recent times can proudly claim having been born in the year of the dragon. (Anyone born in 1964 and 1976 can also say the same, as well as anyone else born in earlier 12 year intervals from that point.) While it’s impressive to be able to say your sign is the Dragon however, what does that really say about you? What is the exact meaning of the Chinese zodiac animal dragon sign?

1 – Core Personality Traits

The dragon is obviously a mythical creature, but it’s importance in Chinese culture cannot possibly be overstated. Look no further than the fact that the Ancient Chinese used the dragon as a symbol for their emperors. Dragons are essentially symbols of power. Anyone born in the accompanying dragon years is often said to have some of the most admirable traits, including boundless energy, impressive strength and resolve, and the ability to overcome any challenge with relative ease. You may find that great fortune, a long life, and prosperity are also well within your grasp.

2 – Putting These Traits To Use

While much of this may seem like little more than meaningless blabber steeped too far in mysticism, you should use the personality traits often tied to those with the dragon animal sign to your advantage. Given centuries of study, there’s at least some practical use to be found here. If you take pride in your status as a dragon, you may be able to use it to inspire you to take more risks in your life. Anything that can help instill more confidence should be valued to its full extent!

Why not pay a visit to this Chinese Dragon zodiac animal information source? From here, you can choose to study Chinese astrology even further or merely add the information to your internal file of fun facts to pull out in the midst of conversations. Astrology has helped many people find their place in the world, and it has served as an odd curiosity that can easily be used for icebreakers for everyone else. Either way, there’s no doubting the fascinating nature of the Chinese zodiac. In many ways, it serves as an interesting reflection of how we fit in with nature on a grander scale. Despite being pure fantasy, the idea of having properties akin to the highly respected Chinese dragons of folklore is admirable indeed.

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