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The Simha Sign or Leo Sign in Tamil Astrology

In Tamil or Vedic Astrology the Simha sign is the same as the sign of Leo in the Western Zodiac. The Sun remains within the Simha sign starting on August 17 through September 16. With Western astrology, the Leo sign is in the Sun starting on July 23 and lasting until August 22.

Both Leo and Simha are fixed signs. The following is more information on the Leo sign. This sign governs the horoscope’s fifth house and is masculine. It covers the spine, the back and the heart. Leos are frequently entertainers since the signs cause those who are born under it to be dramatic, affectionate, creative and expressive. They love telling jokes and stories.

Leos have big visions and dreams for their lives not not practical ones exactly. They don’t like the business aspects related to the work they do and are much more interesting in the creative aspects of all that they do. Usually they are not depressed but whenever they discover themselves feeling that way it can be quite devastating to them. The good thing is usually the can pull themselves quickly out of depression due to being very resilient.

The Simha Rashi has very similar traits to Leos. They have to cling to their opinions and in that regard may be stubborn. They don’t possess the most open of all mind but whenever there is something they need to mull over that is new they will until they are able to accept a new idea on their own. They have three lunar mansions or Nakshatra in Tamil or Vedic astrology.

Whenever a person is born within Simha Rashi they have to produce a maturity in the form of self-expression. These individuals need personal development and they become more beautiful, genuine and warm as they continue to develop. It is something they are able to share with those they love the most.

The Rashi of Simha tend to be strong and tall. They have broad chests quite often. Vedic astrology includes physical traits with every sign in addition to emotional, mental and mental or psychological ones. Usually they have beautiful eyes, red complexions, broad foreheads and strong bones. Simhas commonly have large noses.

Although many Leos have a tendency to be entertainers, a lot of Simhas wind up becoming policemen, military personnel or serve the public in some kind of administrative capacity. In addition, they have a tendency to be proud and pious. Simhas don’t tend to get a lot of results from the work that they perform but that doesn’t deter them from doing it.

They love to drive and travel fast. They are also very adventurous. And they don’t get started in life by reaching their destiny until being over thirty years old. There is a lot that can be said about using Tamil to plan for a child and planing for a child to burn under the Simha sign. Although they are prone to jealous, they are very capable leaders as well. Please visit dayitaraotamilastrology.com for further info on this wonderful sign!

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